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Contract Casework

Backlog Rape Kit contract casework

Eliminate Forensic DNA Testing Backlog with Contract Casework

Collaborative Forensics™
Our highly-trained forensic experts collaborate closely with crime labs and law enforcement agencies to provide a second-to-none, exceptional experience in all contract casework.

Sorenson Forensics offers the highest-quality forensic serology and DNA contract casework services in the industry today. We are passionate about working closely with each client and offering the latest and greatest in technological and expert scientific know-how.

What can we do for you?

We’ll take care of your backlog and so much more

  • Backlog Reduction with Contract Casework: We partner with federal, state, and local crime labs to reduce and/or eliminate casework backlog by offering quality DNA testing services, analysis, and reporting.
  • Special Case Assistance: We team with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to provide forensic serology and testing for high-profile and cold-case evidence. Our forensic scientists have extensive experience in DNA extraction from difficult forensic evidence.
  • Legal Testing Services: We provide timely case reviews, testing and expert testimony for defense and prosecuting attorneys.

Our success is due in large part to the efficiencies built into our laboratory and our innovative and ever-growing catalog of proprietary products and services for forensic DNA testing.

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DNA Case Review Contract Casework

DNA Case Review

Serving the legal community
We recognize the need in the legal defense community for a technical review of DNA results prior to a criminal trial. Ensuring that scientific lab work and interpretation have been performed correctly is essential, and we can help review work performed at any lab.

We provide a thorough review of a DNA case file to assess the following information:

 • Mixture interpretation performed according to lab’s protocols.

• Proper application of statistics.

• Recommendations on additional testing and new technology available for evidence.

Sorenson Forensics is a fully-accredited private forensic DNA testing laboratory that has performed over one hundred DNA case reviews for criminal defense attorneys nationwide

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