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Our DNA Lab Services Offer 3 Ways to Help You


We are a leader in the industry in providing fully-collaborative and accredited chemistry and automation validation services for all sizes and types of public crime laboratories.

  • OFF-SITE Assistance: Act as consultants as you perform your own experiments.
  • ON-SITE Assistance: Send one or several of our highly-trained scientists to your lab to perform these experiments alongside your staff.

Our validation team becomes a natural extension of your organization by providing the services you need without disrupting workflow.


We do all difficult validation work and interpretation from start to finish so your staff can devote critical time and resources to casework, not validation. Your lab can adopt the latest technology faster.

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We proudly offer our expertise in providing à la carte technical training classes that are customized to meet your lab’s specific needs.

  • Mixture interpretation
  • Statistics
  • Y-STR interpretation
  • Accreditation preparation
  • Paternity and kinship analysis
  • Validation planning

With training from Sorenson Forensics, your team members can gain valuable continuing education to maximize productivity and quality of work.

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Let us help you create the perfect crime lab.

Our experience as a forensic DNA testing laboratory combined with proven validation expertise makes us uniquely qualified to assist domestic and international agencies and organizations in building forensic DNA labs from the ground up. We provide DNA testing and crime scene collection training on site or at our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Advice on laboratory layout for new or existing building.
  • Logistics coordination to ensure support and delivery of products.
  • Intensive training for new laboratory staff.
  • Assistance in creating lab operating procedures and QA manuals.
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How We Work

We listen, get to know you, and then customize solutions to help you get the job done better. Like you, we are committed to the cause of justice and victim advocacy.


Validate It.

Save time. Stay focused. Update technology


Training Experts.

We are forensic scientists who train other forensic scientists. How can we help you?


6 Proven Steps to DNA Lab Services and Development

Confidence that your methods are robust, reliable and reproducible


Specifics are matched to desires.


You visit and learn from a functioning forensic DNA lab.


We advise in selection and ordering of equipment.


We ensure everything’s working correctly.


Staff receives specialized instruction.


Introduction of a fully-functioning lab.

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DNA-based solutions that make a difference, solve cases, and improve lab efficiency.

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