3 Ways to Maximize Forensic Process Optimization and Productivity


Lean Six Sigma is a forensic process optimization and improvement methodology that made such dramatic changes to our own results that now we provide our own proprietary training courses to public labs around the world. The goals are:

  • Increase quality-performance.
  • Use fewer resources.

Our LSS services are specifically tailored to the forensic community. Projects range from improving specific steps and eliminating bottlenecks in your existing process to creating an updated, more efficient workflow.

What could it do for you? Imagine the possibilities!

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If the full Lean Six Sigma program isn’t the optimal choice for your lab due to time, necessity or budget restrictions, we can customize the forensic process optimization methodology for different applications. We help you work faster, better and more efficiently, which in turn can result in happier staff and greater productivity.

  • Individual projects.
  • Troubleshooting specific processes.
  • And more!

Our scientists are highly-trained in proven techniques that will help your scientists excel!

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In addition to offering Lean Six Sigma laboratory consultation services, Sorenson Forensics  provides Green Belt Certification to laboratory personnel. This process involves:

  • A more in-depth study of the methodologies and tools needed to follow the DMAIC process.
  • A final examination by participants and a certificate after the completion of a Lean Six Sigma project.
  • Onsite and web-based instruction.

Having Green Belt-certified staff on your payroll means they can use their training to incorporate Lean-Six methodology into future projects.

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Accreditied DNA Casework by Sorenson Forensics with Forensics Process Optimization Services


Lean 6 Sigma methodology has done wonders for our own private forensics lab and so we’re passionate about sharing what we’ve learned with you! We are committed to eliminating the unnecessary and improving the necessary and are ready to help you do the same.

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Sorenson Forensics Leaders in DNA Casework and Forensics Process Optimization Services

Accreditation & Quality

As an ASCLD/Lab-International accredited laboratory, you can be sure that all improvements we recommend for or implement in your lab comply with the strictest protocols for excellence. We always follow all SWGDAM and ISO/IEC I7025:2005 recommended guidelines.

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Forensics Process Optimization Services

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Our long-standing reputation for excellence in the industry speaks volumes about our team’s absolute dedication to precision, accuracy, collaboration and getting results for our clients. Implementing Lean methodologies yields incredible results. What can we do for you?

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