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Lean Six Sigma For Your Lab

Lean Six Sigma-Doing More With Less

Need to Do More With Less?

We’ve been there too and we understand!

 Today’s forensic DNA labs face more pressure than ever to keep up with the demand to produce quality test results fast, but without sacrificing quality.

The addition of staff and/or new instrumentation alone will not always produce the desired results!

 Achieving higher levels of performance and productivity really can happen by incorporating Lean Six Sigma methodology into your lab environment.

LSS-WHITEWhat is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a management and organizational process that identifies and targets problem areas, streamlines processes, and eliminates bottlenecks and non-value activities. This results in increased biotech lab quality-control and productivity.

Sorenson Forensics is a Lean Six Sigma laboratory, and the positive difference it has made helping us do more with less is a testament to this program’s effectiveness.

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Lean Six Sigma-Get lean, how it works.

Get Lean! How Six Sigma Works

  • Each forensic DNA lab Lean Six Sigma project follows a carefully-designed and proven sequence of steps.
  • Each step has measurable benchmark goals.
  • The overall objective is specific and customized for the unique needs and goals of your lab.

Steps of Lean 6 Sigma

DEFINE: current situation and desired outcome.
MEASURE: defects and current process operation.
ANALYZE: data and discover causes of the problem.
IMPROVE: process to remove the various causes of defects.
CONTROL: Stabilize the new improved process to ensure defects don’t recur.

Interested? Chat with one of our Lean Six Sigma experts today!

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Lean Six Sigma-Lean Project

Lean Projects

If the full Lean Six Sigma program isn’t the optimal choice for your lab due to time, necessity or budget restrictions, we can customize the methodology for different applications. We can help you work faster, better and more efficiently, which in turn results in happier staff and greater productivity.

  • Individual projects.
  • Troubleshooting specific processes.
  • And more!

Our scientists are highly-trained in proven techniques that will help your scientists excel!

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Lean Six Sigma-Green Belt Certification

Green Belt Certification

In addition to offering Lean Six Sigma laboratory consultation services, Sorenson Forensics also provides Green Belt Certification to laboratory personnel. This process involves:

  • A more in-depth study of the methodologies and tools needed to follow the DMAIC process.
  • A final examination by participants and a certificate after the completion of a Lean Six Sigma project.
  • Onsite and web-based instruction.Our scientists are highly-trained in proven techniques that will help your scientists excel!
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Lean Six Sigma-Post project service plans

Post-Project Service Plans

What’s next?
We’re here to help you. After your project is complete, we offer:

  • Onsite/remote follow-up consulting for completed projects
  • Onsite consulting for future projects, including other disciplines in your lab
  • Upgrading certification to Yellow/Green Belt
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