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Sorenson Forensics: Qualifications and Accreditations

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Forensic science & DNA testing are highly-technical processes requiring extreme accuracy, thoroughness and documentation. When the two disciplines are combined, only a forensic DNA laboratory with expert, experienced forensic lab technicians and critically-refined processing techniques can provide the level of performance needed to assure quality forensic DNA testing results that can withstand rigorous review.

The Sorenson Forensics Laboratory is validated to perform an extensive variety of chemistries across a diverse range of cutting-edge forensic DNA testing technology platforms. The Sorenson Forensics research and development team actively explores new and emerging technologies. In fact, we were one of the first labs to adopt innovative Y-screening, which detects the presence of male DNA in forensic samples.

We are validated, accredited, and ready to give you the top-quality, high-throughput DNA forensic testing, contract casework, and validation services you would expect from one of America’s top forensic laboratories.


Sorenson Genomics, LLC, the parent company of Sorenson Forensics, was established in 2000. It is a private, highly-accredited DNA laboratory specializing in providing quality DNA testing services for assessing human identity and familial relatedness.

We follow all SWGDAM and ISO-17025 recommended guidelines for forensic validation.

We are an ASCLD/Lab-International accredited laboratory.

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