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Defense or prosecution? DNA isn’t biased. We will test the DNA in your case and give you straight answers, using only the best and newest equipment, with the most advanced technologies, and done by the top forensic scientists in the country. Even further, as a private laboratory, we offer impartial result evaluations without favoring either the prosecution or defense.

We have worked with both prosecution and defense attorneys to find answers regarding certain cases or specific questions regarding DNA evidence. As DNA analysis plays a primary role in criminal investigations, it also plays an important part in the courtroom. Juries have been tailored to expect DNA evidence and analysis during trials and we will provide you with the best practices to effectively prepare for your court case.

Our scientists have been called upon by the Innocence Project to help exonerate those who were wrongfully convicted. We’ve also been involved in several high-profile murder cases where our results played a pivotal role in determining guilt or innocence.

Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals who are committed to providing professional guidance and assistance when preparing for court cases involving DNA analysis. We understand how important it is for you as a legal professional to know what type of expert testimony will be required during your case so that there are no surprises during testimony time at trial.

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