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Bone Testing for DNA identification

Bone and teeth samples are among the hardest samples to analyze in a forensic lab. Consequently, we are one of the few laboratories to provide this service. Bones are often exposed to harsh environments and also have a unique composition that requires special preprocessing. Often they are recovered in the most brutal of elements – extreme heat or cold, swamps, fires, chemicals, and animal scavenging. Even more, the extracted DNA is often degraded and in small quantities, which makes it harder to obtain usable STR profiles. Processing obstacles are also brought on by the age, quantity, and state of the bone samples. Bones older than 20 years have low DNA yield. Despite the challenges, Sorenson Forensics employs an industry-proven extraction method for bone and teeth samples that are submitted to our laboratory. 

Bone and teeth are common samples for STR analysis in missing person cases, criminal paternity, and ancestry testing. 

Teeth or the femur bone is preferred for testing, but if that is not an option fill out the form below and we can discuss your specific case.

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