Touch DNA

What is Touch DNA and can it help my case?

Touch DNA is fairly new to the forensic community and refers to DNA that has been transferred from someone’s skin to items, primarily through the act of handling, holding, and in general “touching” them. In the past, the sensitivity of the STR Analysis methods available in the community was insufficient to obtain a DNA profile. However, due to improvements in the STR Analysis methods, Sorenson Forensics routinely processes evidence for Touch DNA.

From property crimes to cold homicide cases, we generate DNA profiles from samples with limited amounts of DNA. We also specialize in generating profiles from difficult or degraded samples.

Some examples of evidence items that can be tested for Touch DNA include:
  • Ligatures
  • Fingernail cuttings/scrapings
  • Clothing that has been handled, such as pulling or tugging in a targeted area
  • Swabbing from inside a car, steering wheel, gear shift, or door handle
  • Swabbing of guns and shell casings
scientist looking at blood stains on a shirt, possible touch dna left

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