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While typically you may work directly with your state crime lab to process evidence, they often can’t do the testing because they may be backlogged, understaffed, or underfunded. They may lack the specialized resources to do specific DNA testing that private labs may be more qualified to perform.

Sorenson Forensics is an accredited lab that offers faster turnaround times without compromising the quality or accuracy of results. We provide fast, accurate services for law enforcement agencies including expedited DNA analysis for cases involving sexual assault and criminal homicide. Our team has worked with hundreds of police departments across the country to solve crimes by helping them catch perpetrators through genetic information left behind at crime scenes.

Keep your case from getting cold by implementing new technologies like:
  • M-Vac® system
    • The M-Vac® uses a wet vacuum to collect biological material when traditional methods such as swabbing and cutting do not work. It can be utilized to process larger areas in one sample and to process difficult to swab areas.
  • STRmix™
    • STRmix™ is a probabilistic genotyping software that assists us in interpreting DNA profiles that were previously inconclusive or too complex to interpret.
  • Forensic genetic genealogy
      • Sorenson Forensics has partnered with Othram to collaborate on cases, offering STR DNA testing with Sorenson and FGG testing through Othram.
Our scientific team supports investigators with:
  • Forensic biology/DNA testing
    • Body fluid testing for blood, semen and saliva
    • Standard autosomal STR
    • Y-STR for situations with low-level male profiles
  • Casework consulting, including review of cold cases to determine new or different testing methods
  • Expert testimony
  • Priority and rush services – fast turnaround times are offered to meet investigative needs (as quick as 48 hours)
  • Committed customer service – in-house qualified forensic scientists serve as the point of contact for each case

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