Forensic Genetic Genealogy

Unlock the truth with forensic genetic genealogy

A new, innovative method to solve crimes

What is forensic genetic genealogy?

Forensic genetic genealogy (FGG) is a new and exciting technique used to solve crimes. Through genealogical and ancestry research, experienced and board-certified genealogists attempt to develop investigative leads. DNA analysis from a person of interest is then used to determine if the individual is a match.

Does Sorenson Forensics offer in-house FGG?

Sorenson Forensics does not have genealogists on staff, but we are partnered with Othram, a company that can help solve your cases using genome minisequencing and forensic genetic genealogy.

How successful is forensic genetic genealogy?

This new technique has proven to be quite successful in solving crimes. It is a powerful tool that can help provide answers to cases that may have gone unsolved. See Othram’s success stories.


With Sorenson Forensics and Othram’s FGG, we can help bring closure to complex cases.

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