STR Analysis

Our scientists are experts in this molecular biology method that is used to compare specific loci on DNA from two or more samples.

Because of Sorensen Forensics’ high level of expertise, our laboratory is validated to perform forensic casework across a diverse array of cutting-edge technology platforms. Our DNA scientists have extensive experience in the analysis of a wide range of forensic evidence and recognize that each piece of evidence presents its own unique challenges.

The DNA profile generated from STR Analysis is a set of numbers that correspond to fragment sizes that are unique to individuals (with the exception of identical twins).  This power of discrimination makes this analysis a very powerful tool in confidently matching a DNA profile generated from a crime scene to a known individual.

“STR” Analysis – Short Tandem Repeat:

STR is the industry standard for forensic DNA typing and what is used for DNA profiles that are uploaded to the national CODIS database. The DNA profile, also known as a DNA type, is stored in the database. For Forensic STR DNA analysis, the DNA profile consists of one or two alleles at the 20 CODIS Core Loci. […Read More on CODIS FAQs]

STR Analysis in Action:

The research and development team at Sorenson Forensics is active in the exploration of new and emerging DNA test technologies, such as STR analysis and testing, as well as in the incorporation of efficiencies into traditional DNA testing methodologies.

The following is a recent article featuring the successful use of this analysis by Sorenson Forensics: Gone Cold – Mother Daughter Raped and Murdered Identified and Sentenced to Life.

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