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In addition to DNA testing in criminal cases, we also offer Infidelity Testing

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Although Sorenson Forensics has our core expertise in applying forensic biology and DNA testing in criminal investigations, the same scientific methods can be applied in circumstances when testing can give an individual peace of mind and valuable insights into specific questions, like:

  • Is semen present on an item?
  • Can you detect male or female DNA on something?

Confirming infidelity can be a challenging task, but when you need evidence or proof, forensic DNA testing is one of the most reliable and definitive methods available. An infidelity DNA test delivers the hard evidence you need to make informed choices about your next steps. With scientific accuracy, it puts the truth in your hands, allowing you to decide your course of action with confidence.

If desired, you can further extend the investigation. Whose DNA could be in the sample – is it yours, your partner’s, or another person’s? If you have a known DNA sample for comparison, we can test that to determine whether the DNA profiles in multiple samples match, indicating the same source, or if they belong to different individuals.

We will consult with you to discuss what the test entails and the success likelihood based on the provided DNA sample. We’ll also go over proper DNA sample collection and packaging procedures.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, a straightforward DNA test may be able to get the answers you seek to move forward. Our results will be stored and delivered confidentially as per our accreditation standards.

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