Y-STR Analysis

Y-STR: male-specific insights

Y-STR Analysis uses the same scientific foundation as STR Analysis, but the DNA fragments that are being targeted in this type of testing are only found on the Y chromosome, making this analysis specific to males.

This type of DNA testing can be invaluable in cases where male DNA is present on evidence but cannot be detected using traditional STR testing methods.

Without amplifying the female DNA, Y-STR data can be used to resolve the male component of a male/female mixture and follow paternal lineage, making it especially useful in cases involving sexual assault evidence or mixed biological samples.

A Y-STR profile may provide the evidentiary lead needed to supplement an investigation. Although this technology can be a powerful tool, keep in mind the power of discrimination between related persons is greatly reduced since it is likely that male relatives will share the same Y-STR profile.

Sample types amenable for testing:
  • Sexual assault evidence
  • Fingernail clipping
  • Ligatures
Y-STR amplification technologies we use:
  • PowerPlex Y23
  • Yfiler Plus
y-str dna analysis

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