M-Vac® Collection

What is M-Vac Collection?

Sorenson Forensics was the first forensic laboratory to validate the M-Vac Collection system for forensic evidence in the country. This new vacuum technology allows for the efficient collection of more DNA from forensic evidence than traditional swabbing or cutting techniques. Many cases with inconclusive or weak DNA results have been moved forward with the M-Vac.
Stalled Cases Now Have Another Chance

We have used this technology to help solve many cold cases around the country. Check out the following articles showcasing this technology solving crime in two separate cold cases:

  • The M-Vac® allowed forensic scientists to test DNA they were not able to test before. [read more]
  • Justice After 39 Years – Touch or Trace DNA [read more]
M-Vac being used on a rock to gather evidence

The M-Vac System has proven to be a valuable tool in the DNA collection tool belt for Sorenson Forensics.
The M-Vac System’s ability to extract DNA from difficult samples, porous or rough surfaces, or previously tested items has helped investigators solve more crime and expands potential evidentiary items that can be collected and tested. In simple terms, this technology helps detectives, analysts and CSI move cases forward.

How does this M-Vac process work when other extraction attempts have not?
The M-Vac is a wet-vacuum DNA collection system. Collection solution is sprayed onto the surface while simultaneously being vacuumed off of the surface. It creates a “mini-hurricane” that loosens the DNA material which is transferred to the collection bottle and later concentrated onto a filter.

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