Priority DNA Processing & Batch Casework

We have two processing options at our laboratory. One is for casework contracts with government labs and other government agencies, while the other is for our Priority cases. These cases might be more time-sensitive when waiting isn’t an option.

Navigating Turnaround Times

In the intricate world of forensic DNA analysis, time can be of the essence. At Sorenson Forensics, we understand the urgency that often accompanies certain cases. That is why we’ve fine-tuned our processes to cater to both standard batch cases and Priority cases. In this article, we will take you behind the scenes of our lab to uncover how we manage turnaround times for Priority cases and ensure that justice may be served swiftly.

Distinguishing Priorities: Two Processing Options

Within our ultramodern laboratory, we have established two distinct processing options to handle a diverse range of cases efficiently. The first option revolves around contract case batch work, where we collaborate with government laboratories and other agencies. This partnership allows us to process batch cases such as sexual assault kits and property crimes. The turnaround times for these cases can exhibit some variability based on the current caseload and the time of year. On average, we manage about 400 cases a month in this category, a testament to our commitment to addressing a wide spectrum of forensic needs.

The second processing option takes center stage when time is truly of the essence – our Priority cases. These cases encompass a variety of critical scenarios, including homicides, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, and cold case investigations. These situations demand expedited attention, recognizing that delays are not an option when seeking justice for victims and answers for their families. Here, turnaround times are significantly accelerated to reflect the urgency of the circumstances. We work with the client to come up with a suitable date, as quick as a 5-day turnaround. Also importantly, getting results quicker could aid in getting the perpetrator off the streets so that there are no further offenses.

Precision in Prioritization: Expediting Turnaround Times

Our approach to Priority cases involves a close collaboration between our laboratory experts and the clients. We understand that the stakes are high and that every moment counts. When a Priority case arrives at our lab, we engage with the client to determine a suitable timeline that aligns with the specific needs of the case. This personalized approach ensures that we can provide swift results without compromising the accuracy and integrity of our analysis.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to meet these accelerated timelines. From sample collection to DNA extraction, amplification, and analysis, every step of the process is meticulously managed to expedite results without sacrificing the stringent quality standards that we uphold. We follow the chain of custody steps to ensure that the evidence may be admitted into court. We recognize that delivering swift results is not just about speed; it’s about delivering results that are both accurate and trusted.

Why Investigators May Need to Turn to Private Labs

Despite the dedication of state and local forensic labs, investigators may sometimes need to turn to private labs due to various challenges:

  1. Backlogs: State and local labs may be dealing with significant backlogs of cases, causing delays in processing evidence. Private labs can offer quicker turnaround times, ensuring that evidence is analyzed promptly.
  2. Resource Limitations: Budget constraints and resource limitations may hinder the ability of government labs to prioritize certain cases. Private labs can allocate resources to specific cases, ensuring a more focused approach.
  3. Specialized Equipment: Some cases require specialized equipment or testing capabilities that may not be available in government labs. Private labs often invest in innovative technologies, making them better equipped to handle unique cases.

Collaboration is Key

We work closely with law enforcement agencies, legal teams, and clients to ensure that the unique circumstances of each case are addressed effectively. The constructive collaboration between our laboratory’s technical expertise and the real-world insights of these clients creates a powerful force that drives our commitment to justice.

Priority cases show our dedication to upholding the principles of justice while respecting the urgency inherent in certain situations. Through our strategic processing options, personalized timelines, and commitment to quality, we strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and the communities we serve.

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