Meet A.R., Senior Forensic Scientist

Education: Master of Science in Pharmacy with a concentration in Forensic DNA and Serology from the University in Florida
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science/Investigations from Weber State University

From A.R.:
I first learned about forensics when I was in seventh grade. A couple of crime scene investigators from our local police department’s crime laboratory came to my seventh grade English class to do a presentation about what they did at the crime lab. I remember they had a casting of a shoe print and a blown-up image of a fingerprint, and I was immediately drawn in; I knew right then, that is what I wanted to be when I grew up. I went home after school that day and told my parents about this and that I wanted to be a crime scene investigator. My stepmom helped me research what the job actually entailed, salary information, and education requirements.

I was offered a position with Sorenson Forensics as a DNA Technician shortly after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get my foot in the door of forensics while I waited for a crime scene investigator position to open up somewhere. I never thought I’d enjoy working in a laboratory setting, but, I’m still here, nearly seven years later. I love the people I work with and the work we do is really rewarding. Although we rarely know the outcome of the cases we work on, I know the work that we do here is crucial and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to help tell the story and hopefully provide some closure – whether that be for the victim, the victim’s family, or someone who has been wrongly accused of a crime.

It’s difficult for me to identify one specific case that I’m the most proud of; however, one that sticks out the most for me is an arson case I worked on. Arson cases are tricky because it is difficult to find DNA due to the extreme heat. I was able to obtain a CODIS eligible profile from one of the submitted items of evidence.

Outside of work, I really enjoy reading, gardening, camping, and taking the side-by-side out for a ride with my husband.

The scientists at Sorenson Forensics are experienced, dedicated professionals who are committed to using their knowledge of DNA science to uncover truth. In this Forensics Spotlight series, get an intimate look at what we do here and what keeps us excited about and engaged in this fascinating field. Because our employees deal regularly with confidential crime-solving work, we are identifying them only by their initials. 

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